Holistic Therapies

teign-chiro-holistic-therapies-leaflet-dec-2016at Teign Chiropractic Clinic

Our Therapist, Karen offers a range of treatment and is available here on:

Monday’s 12noon – 5pm and Friday’s 9.30am – 12noon

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Sports Style Deep tissue massage

45-60 mins – £45 | 30 mins – £30

  • Works deeply into the muscles to help relieve tension and promote damage repair
  • Warms muscles and eases pain through endorphin release
  • Pre-post event maintenance and soft tissue injury massage available
  • Suitable for sport enthusiasts – runners, swimmers, footballers,  rugby players, cyclists and gym goers
  • Helps combat the effects of deep or consistent muscles tension and pain

Indian head massage

30-45 min – £35

  • Massage of pressure points to release tension in the upper body, head and face
  • Particularly helpful for headaches, migraines and stress related disorders

Hopi ear candles

30 – 45 mins – £40

  • Ideal for ear, nose and throat related problems (for both adults and children)
  • Effective for water enthusiasts, glue ear, tinnitus and headaches


45-60 mins – £40

  • Massage of acupressure points on the feet to restore balance and eliminate toxicity
  • An alternative to body massage, working with acupressure points effecting the whole body
  • Beneficial in many conditions including stress, depression, anxiety, headaches, migraines, M.E, IBS, infertility, PMT, symptoms of menopause, pregnancy and more.

Bespoke massage (on request)  

30-45mins – £35 |  45-60 mins – £40

  • Concentrating on specific areas of your choice including foot and leg, back, upper body, head and face
  • Various styles of massage available including Aromatherapy, Swedish and lymphatic drainage.


Karen prides herself on focusing on the individual needs of each patient to provide the most appropriate and effective therapy. She has over 15 years of experience and is also communicating to promoting long term improvement and prevention of recurring conditions. Extended consultations are available on request.

Karen works from our Teign Clinic – 1A Estuary Court,  Broadmeadow, Teignmouth, TQ14 9AE

To book an appointment or for more details, please call: 01626 774222