How to keep your posture in check on holiday

How to keep your posture in check on holiday

We’re on a roll here at the moment will holidays season, we keep thinking of new blog posts on how to support you while you are enjoying your well earned rest. However they often take you out of your regular routine leaving you vulnerable to pain and discomfort as a result of an injury. So whether you’re travelling by car, train or plane, we’ve put together some top holiday tips from the British Chiropractic Association to make sure your holiday is plain sailing….

Things to consider before you go

 The Suitcase

It’s important to choose wisely, try to buy the lightest suitcase possible that has wheels as hard cases tend to be heavier even before you fill them! It’s worth shopping around and make the time necessary to do this. Don’t leave it to the last minute, take your time and buy something that is practical. Something to consider is buying two light and compact suitcases, the weight can therefore be spread evenly and saves you from struggling with one heavy case!

After you’ve purchased your case(s), make sure you make them distinctive. This can be done by tying a ribbon around them or writing your name(s) in big and bold writing. Not only does this will save a lot of time at an airport it will also ensure you don’t lift someone else’s heavy case in error!

Push don’t Pull

Another good suitcase tip is to push the case in front of you using the handle. Although most wheeled suitcases encourage you to pull the case from behind, this action will make your upper body/back twist which increases the risk of injury.

Grab A Good Nights Sleep

There is nothing worse than travelling tired, not only is it potentially dangerous but it increases the risk of injury. A good tip is to put those tablets and phones away at least 30 minutes before you go to sleep. The light from these devices sends signals to your brain that its not time to shut down yet. Alternatively, there are apps available that transmits ‘blue light’ which will aid you in getting a good night’s sleep.

If You’re Driving

Make Adjustments and Relax!

If you’re driving to your holiday destination, make sure you make the adjustments to ensure your seat position is slightly tilted. Many back complaints are as a result of poor driving posture. Having your seat slightly backwards will ensure that your spine sits in a natural position. Additionally, make sure your you give your self enough elbow room and that it’s a comfortable and relaxed position your sat in. It’s important when on a long drive you’re as comfortable as possible, wear lose fitting clothing so it will not restrict your movement

Make sure you’re relaxed at the wheel, this will reduce stress in the spine and will allow your seat to take your weight. Additionally, if you have a long drive ahead of you, try to plan and schedule some stops along the way at least every 2 hours so you can stretch your legs!

If You’re Flying

 Avoid Alcohol (we know it does sound boring!)

As tempting as it is, avoid alcohol before and during your flight. Drinking alcohol will lead to dehydration and as a result it will amplify muscle pain. Instead of alcohol try to drink plenty of water and save the booze until you’re lying on a sunbed… it will be worth it! But do read our blog on Are your drinking enough to make sure you stay properly hydrated!


You’re probably thinking how do you exercise on a plane? Although you will be stuck in your seat for the majority of your flight, ‘air exercise’ can ensure you will avoid stiffness and any aches and pains as a result of your flight. This involves doing shoulder shrugs, buttock clenches and foot circles in the comfort of your airplane seat. It is recommended that when the seatbelt light disappears, do get up and stretch your legs!

You’ve arrived!

Bed Down

You’ve completed your ‘air exercises’ on the plane and your now at the hotel. Make sure you check your bed to ensure its not too hard. If it is, ask the hotel staff to supply you with a duvet or blanket to put between you and your mattress. Although firm beds are not ideal, it is easier to soften up a hard bed than it is to make a soft bed harder!

Sun Loungers

It’s the bit you’ve probably been dreaming about since you booked your holiday. We’re certainly not ‘kill joys’ here but try not to lie on your tummy with both your back and neck arched when reading your book or magazine. A top tip is to put your reading material on the floor so you can easily view it over the edge of your sun bed. This will help keep your head and neck in a better position.

And last of all – Have a great holiday, we will!

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