Devon Ear Clinic

Having ear wax can be debilitating condition. Ear wax isn’t a problem for many people for most of the time after all we need ear wax for many good reasons. For some people the over production of ear wax can cause issues with hearing loss and sounds becoming woolly. You may have to turn up the TV or radio and others may be aware that you might be shouting a little when talking.

Micro-suction has become a preferred method of ear wax removal amongst medical professionals and patients alike. Micro-suction involves a fine suction tube gently inserted into the ear canal whilst being viewed closely through magnification. Micro-suction does not require pre-treatment with olive oil but if you use a few drops the night before your treatment it will help make the removal process a lot easier. In cases with impacted ear wax we may suggest using Sodium Bicarbonate drops, but we can advise.

Available at both Torbay and Teign Clinics.

Please make contact with our reception team, and we will get you booked in as soon as possible.