… It is an age old Cliché … Where did all that time go, and how did it vanish so quickly ?

Arriving in October of 1993 to what instantly felt as my home, and WILL ALWAYS be my home, I find myself now in March of 2024 … retired from almost 50 years of practicing as a Chiropractor … over 30 of them here, on Barton Hill Road, Torbay.

In my time here in the Bay I have been so incredibly fortunate to have come to know so very many people who were my Patients … and in leaving … actually now … feel like my Friends.

To each and every one of you I extend my heartfelt thanks for allowing me the privilege of trying to be of assistance with your health concerns …  where in many circumstances we were fortunate to be successful if not completely then in limited measure.

Actually, the real truth is that I feel the most fortunate in having had the opportunity to meet each of you, come to know you, listen to your concerns, your stories, your joys and your successes … and as such each and every one of you have woven yourselves inextricably into my life … and have without question, enhanced it in every manner which, will stay with me always, as I investigate something I really did think I would never see … retirement.

For this and so very much more I thank each and every one you for enriching my life … and making it just so very worthwhile … I will miss you ALL !

May glowing health and happiness be with each of you …  always …

Thank you … with all of my heart …