Sports Therapy

What is Sports therapy?

Sports therapy treatment ranges from athletes to daily aches and pains. Suitable for men and women of all ages it helps people manage injuries, disabilities and disease.

Using a variety of treatments from soft tissue massage and stretching to ultrasound, cupping and dry needling. Sports therapy can be used to treat most musculoskeletal injuries.

Whether you are an athlete trying to get back to elite sport, An office worker in pain from daily workload, Or you have an injury or pain of any kind Sports therapy could be the answer.

Your first appointment:

We will first take a detailed history of your condition together with any relevant past medical history.

A physical assessment will then be undertaken to determine the clinical diagnosis of your problem. We will then discuss with you a proposed treatment plan and will give you an estimate as to the length of treatment required and the proposed outcome of your treatment hopefully putting you at ease.

The initial assessment will probably last for half an hour and subsequent treatment sessions will also last for half an hour too. During your first assessment and subsequent treatments every opportunity will be given to you to ask questions about your condition and advice regarding its management and prevention in the future.

Services offered:

Injury diagnosis

Sports massage

Dry needling


Instrument assisted Soft tissue mobilisation


Low level laser therapy

Rehabilitation Programs