We would like to wish you all a Fantastic Jubilee weekend. The Clinic will be closed from 5.30pm today (1st June) and we will be re open on Monday 6th June from 8.00am. Have fun!

Top Tip from Sarah this week

You MOT & Service your car, so why not take care of your mental health? We offer advice, support and treatment for Anxiety related conditions using solution, focused talking therapy and or Clinical Hypnotherapy


An increase in forward head position increases the weight on the cervical spine. In other words, bending the head forwards to look at a device or smart phone puts HUGE stresses on the neck. This position can cause permanent damage and result in headaches, back pain, muscle damage, nerve damage, disc degeneration and early onset […]


We would like to wish ALL our lovely patients a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and to Thank You for your continued support throughout the year. We hope that 2022 brings health and happiness to us all.


Do not sit on the on the floor. Whilst it may be tempting, make sure you sit on a chair that offers adequate support. Wrap & Go. Don’t wrap all your gifts at once, break up the wrapping sessions into small sections. This will ease the strain on your back. Wrap directly in front of […]

Sarah Bugler talks about returning to “normal”

I’m seeing more clients feeling anxious about life returning to “normal”  Throughout each lockdown we were told what we had to do to keep each other safe. As lockdowns eased and people re-emerged we soon were all faced with yet more restrictions.  At times it felt that there was no way out of this frightening […]

7 top reasons to take regular exercise

We’ve read this useful advice from the NHS, and, well, we just had to share it with you. Regular exercise is an excellent way of maintaining, or boosting, our health.The NHS recommends that anyone aged between 19 and 64 should do 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week. This could be cycling or fast […]