Sarah Bugler talks about returning to “normal”

I’m seeing more clients feeling anxious about life returning to “normal”  Throughout each lockdown we were told what we had to do to keep each other safe. As lockdowns eased and people re-emerged we soon were all faced with yet more restrictions.  At times it felt that there was no way out of this frightening situation. Its no wonder our brains can become anxious, especially when we are exposed to rolling news and social media. It can feel like there is no escape.

If you are experiencing anxious feelings about returning to work, socialising or perhaps you had to work throughout the pandemic and you need some support, please contact us to book your initial consultation to discuss the best way forward for you.

One of the latest and most effective therapies we offer includes solution-focused brief therapy and clinical hypnotherapy(SFBT), which is a modern approach to psychotherapy, or talk therapy, and is focused on getting a positive outcome.