7 top reasons to take regular exercise

We’ve read this useful advice from the NHS, and, well, we just had to share it with you. Regular exercise is an excellent way of maintaining, or boosting, our health.The NHS recommends that anyone aged between 19 and 64 should do 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity per week. This could be cycling or fast […]

How to love your back a little more

As it’s valentines day very soon, we thought we’d spread a little love and give you some top tips on how to love your back a little more. All too often we take our backs for granted, ignore niggling pains and often practice poor posture. We’ve said this before, but have you heard of a […]

The road to recovery

Which path are you going to choose this year? Relief Care Most patients consult our clinic because they have an ache or pain. Their goal? Relief, and that’s our objective. A thorough examination reveals areas of spinal dysfunction. Then, we offer a care path designed to give you the best results in the shortest amount of time. Visits are frequent during this time of intensive care. Each visit builds on the ones before. So keep your appointments to get the best results. Decision time When you’re feeling better, you’ll have a decision to make. Will you continue with the care necessary to fully heal soft tissue? or abandon the investment that you’ve made so far? When you continue your care, visits are less frequent and progress will be less dramatic. If you end your care before fully healing muscles and soft tissues, you can invite a relapse. Whatever your choice, we’re here to serve and help support you in your decision. Wellness Care Your health affects everything you do and everyone you know. With so many people depending on your, it makes sense to invest in your health. A programme of chiropractic checkups can help you be the caring parent, the loving spouse, the understanding  friend or the dependable employee. Invest in your health, you’re worth it!  if you would like to discuss care option in more details, please ask your Chiropractor or Physio next time you visit us, or speak to one of our […]

Ian’s dislocated collar bone!

As some of you are aware, Ian has been out of action for a few weeks following a nasty accident on his mountain bike and dislocated his collar bone. Following surgery and some R&R, Ian is well on the road to recovery. Thank you for all your kind wishes to Ian whilst he has been […]

8 natural ways to relieve your headache

OK, so Christmas is not too far away, the parties will be starting soon, the planning, the preparing and the excitement will commence full force within the next week or too. We can’t wait! but what about those pesky headaches? Sometimes it’s excessiveness that causes them, and other times it’s poor posture or even a trapped […]

Text neck, the curse of our younger generation

We’ve blogged about ‘Text Neck’ before, but worryingly we are seeing more and more cases of this increasing phenomenon. Text Neck is the term used to describe neck pain and damage obtained from looking down at your mobile phone, tablet, and other wireless devices too often and for too long. Did you know that 53%* off […]

What is the difference between a chiropractor and a physiotherapist?

Are you confused by whether you should choose chiropractic treatment or physiotherapy? Both can be used to treat a number of conditions including back pain and sciatica. Both treat musculo-skeletal conditions and problems with joints, and both have the aim of giving you back normal body function, increasing movement. But the main difference between the two […]