Faye J Fursdon – Chiropractor (special interest in pregnancy and paediatrics)

Faye J Fursdon - Chiropractor (special interest in pregnancy and paediatrics)

As we have been producing a series of blog posts about pregancy and chiropractic care, we though it would be nice to profile one of our chiropractors who has a particular interest in pregnancy and paediatrics.

Meet Faye!

Born and educated locally, Faye came to study chiropractic after working as a nurse at Torbay Hospital.  She qualified from the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in 2008 with a masters degree in chiropractic (Mchiro).  After graduating, she returned to her roots and has been practicing in Torbay, and the surrounding areas, ever since.  Due to her friendly and informative approach, Faye has developed a busy local practice.

As mentioned, Faye has a keen interest in pregnancy and paediatrics, and has completed several post graduate training courses in these areas, enabling her to provide the most up to-date treatment for pregnant woman, babies, children and adolescents.

Faye says “using chiropractic to treat babies and children has become increasingly popular over the years and is helping with a number of common paediatric complaints.  Having treated patients from 3 days old to 97 years old, I believe chiropractic care is beneficial for everyone.”


Faye has spent a great deal of her spare time sailing.  This hobby has taken her around the world and allowed her to sail with many world class sailors to both a national and international competitive level.  She is married and lives with her husband in Torquay.

If you are interested in a consultation with Faye regarding chiropractic care for pregnancy or paediatrics (or any other areas of chiropratic) please call our reception team on 01803 329799  or email torbaychiropractic@gmail.com

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