Since attending for treatment and maintenance, pain levels are much better. I am able to be more mobile and I am so grateful (especially to Warren for his amazing skills).
Not forgetting the reception team – so very helpful and friendly.

Ms Carol B

Having never used a chiropractor before I had my reservations about going, although my husband and daughter had previously undergone successful treatment at this practice. As I had an injury only weeks before a long haul holiday this practice booked me in straight away with Faye Fursdon. Following 6 sessions with Faye my problem had resolved and I could go on holiday with peace of mind and most importantly without pain.

I felt that I was treated with resect and dignity and given plenty of time in the consulting room. It didn’t stop at just the treatment as I was given good advice and guidance on other aspects of health. Although this practice has reasonable rates I do feel that it should be available on the NHS.

As a health professional myself I would certainly use this practice again and I would recommend it to anyone needing this line of treatment.

Mrs P. Torquay

At first I was dubious about seeing a chiropractor. I had been having back problems for years through lifting my disabled daughter. Physio didn’t seem to help much. My husband had been seeing Ian for a while and suggested I went along.

I have no idea why I had reservations, and I am so glad I went along.

I have been under the treatment of Ian for several years now, there are times I can hardly bend going in. Treatment isn’t always a quick cure and sometimes takes a few hours to feel the benefit.

I have recommended Ian and his team to some people in the past and will be happy to do so again, not only does his team help physically but you are treated with friendliness and dignity.

The complimentary sweet on the reception desk is the icing on the cake ?

Mr T. Harding

3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. The clinic has made a huge difference to my mobility. Without Ian looking after me I would have had to have a total knee replacement operation.However, without surgery Ian has given me back greater mobility & less pain & to date – kept the operation at bay. I can wholeheartedly recommend this practice, every member of staff is caring, kind & professional.

  2. Ian the chiropractor in Teignmouth did wonders for my back I recommend him every time and if you have a bad back go to him he is gentle polite and very professional.

  3. They gave me my wife back.
    My wife was suddenly struck down with horrendous shoulder and back pain. The Doctors answer-throw pills at it.
    We were told she was trapped in a viscous circle,pain caused by anxiety,and,anxiety caused by the pain,to the point she was afraid to go out the door,this circle had to be broken.
    This was achieved by her Hypnotherapist Sara at Torbay Chiropractic,and Massage therapy by Karen at the Teignmouth clinic.
    Thank you all so much.

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