Mike is an experienced Physio and NeuroPhysio of 25yrs. He has worked in almost all areas of physio from respiratory to pain management to Neuro rehab (acute and chronic), to orthopaedics, surgical etc. For 20 yrs Mike has been working at the South West MS Therapies Centre in Exeter where he focused on helping those with MS but also Strokes, Parkinson’s and at the same time doing courses around the world and widening his skills in general physio. He uses the Thor LX2 laser, Infra Red and Laser Acupuncture equipment instead of dry needling since 2021. 

He has a wide range of knowledge for health and well-being from meditation, motivation and breathwork to pain relief with laser acupuncture and many forms of bodywork to the exercises, stretches and strategies for healing, rehab, strengthening and optimising, one would expect from an experienced Chartered Physiotherapist.